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Senior health is more important than ever, by the year 2030, 20% of Americans will be 65 years old or older. Aging often comes with wisdom and experience, but also an array of common problems such as weakening memory, joint pain, fading eyesight and weak bones. Take steps to educate and understand your changing body, as well as live healthy through the way you eat and stay active day to day. Visiting LakeView regularly is an important way to stay healthy, we can help you with those unwelcome aches and pains as well as other symptoms.





​A chronic pain that occurs at the vulva. Pain can be constant, sporadic or only when the vulva is touched.


Pelvic Relaxation

Usually caused by childbirth and age. The pelvic floor begins to sag allowing the bladder and uterus to sag into the vagina. Women are more likely to develop these problems after childbirth. Commonly a bulge appearing around the vaginal area is a sign.


Pelvic Pain

This is fairly common among women and potential causes are numerous including: different gynecologic and abdominal conditions, exaggerated bladder and pelvic girdle pain.


Ovarian Disorders

These disorders are often preventative and require examinations to best determine. Schedule an appointment today if you have not be examined for ovarian disorders, many women are unaware they have them.



Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Disorders

One of the most common symptoms of these conditions is blood in your stool. Often they occur as a result of lifestyle and aging. Although many times these disorders can possibly lead to cancer if left untreated.



Colon Cancer

Your risk for colon cancer increases as you get older. The symptoms include rectal bleeding and anemia. Have your blood tested yearly for this. If you notice blood in your stool, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment,




Around half of women will experience a fracture of the vertebrae, hip or wrist in the later years of life. Bones are living tissue, constantly replacing and renewing itself. When the body fails to form new bone it is called osteoporosis. Without absorbing enough calcium, bones will not be able to keep replacing itself as it needs to, causing them to become brittle. The leading cause of osteoporosis in women is the lower levels of estrogen during menopause.


Other risk factors include:


• Certain medical conditions

• Prolonged absence of periods

​• Certain medications

• Smoking

​• Family history

• Low body weight

​• Heavy alcohol intake



​Through every stage of a women's life there are special health concerns and we provide the help you need at each of those stages.


Keeping yourself healthy is more important then ever at this stage of life, so at the first sign of any of the above symptoms give us a call or contact us with any questions. Please contact us here.


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